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Final Two Weeks

Reluctant Stud Reduction

- A Unique Opportunity -

Top of the Drop

120 'Keeper' Ewe Lambs 2023 Drop


For sale as a Whole or Selection


Ready to Mate for Spring lambing.              

Sires include: -

Wrattenbullie 145-21 (purchased $9,500)

Melton Vale 526-21 (AI)

Aberdeen 566-17 (purchased $13,000)

Ulandi Park 273-21 (retained in stud)

Ulandi Park 46-22 (Sold $4,000 On Property Sale)

Ulandi Park 200-22 (retained in stud)

Ulandi Park 11-22

Vaccinated, Drenched, OJD Sheep Map MN3 (S71), Accredited Brucellosis #500, Lambplan Recorded

Payment Terms Available


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Clayton and Andrea Rowett, RSD 33A , Kapunda SA 5373
(63 Murray's Road, Marrabel)
(08) 8848 6038  0408 852 927
Accredited Brucellosis Free- Flock No 500